#32 – Stupéfiant.


How are you guys doing? I hope you’re taking care of yourselves. The weather here in Lafayette is shit CRAZY! One day it’s 8 degrees Celsius, the next day it’s -20 degree Celsius. It’s so bipolar and oh my god, the wind here is so strong. I fell down the other day. Despite all these weird weather, I kinda love it here! I got used to people being so nice and smiley. I have a cool group of friends to hang out with and of course my dear Lolo! I honestly would not know what I’d do without her! She’s probably the closest person next to family! Really glad to have her here with me! Love you Lolo!

I constantly miss Asian food! and Chinese New Year was just a few days ago.. For the first time in 19 years of my life, I did not have my family here with me! Miss them so so much! Less than 3 months till summer break! I really can’t wait! I’m swamped with homework and assignments so this shall be it for now! Till then, adieu!

The greatest gift in life is friendship, and I have received it. – Hubert H. Humphrey




#31 – étranger.

Hello guys!! Sorry for the late post! I’m in the US now and I’m trying really hard to adapt. So many things to absorb yet so limited time. This was my first official week in Purdue and it has been nothing but exhausting. EXHAUSTING. I miss everything. By everything, i mean EVERYTHING. Especially my family and food! This will take some adjusting to do but I’m sure I’ll come around in given time! Purdue’s campus is beautiful and people are so nice that I got a bit scared. Made quite a number of new friends for a socially awkward person and my roommate’s so accommodating. Hopefully this will be a great beginning.

Love the campus!!

Love the campus!!

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you guys a great year ahead! Thank you for reading my rants. Hopefully, I’ll have time to post again! Take care!

And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been – Rainer Maria Rilke –

#30 – Désolé.

Hey guys! Thought I’d just update you about whatever is currently going on!


I’m feeling all nostalgic, sad and excited at the same time. Definitely not enjoying the part where I have to pack everything with me. My next post will probably have lots of pictures of snow haha..

Anyways, I’m off to continue pack! See you guys soon :)

Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting – J.M. Barrie -

#29 – Triste.

Have you ever felt hopeless? Unaccomplished?

I have. Most of the time.

I often feel inferior to others because I always think I’m not good enough for anybody or anything. This probably resulted from me over thinking small matters. I don’t feel happiness as often as I should anymore. I feel like everything is a contest of some sort. I have tried numerous times to stop myself from feeling this way. I want to let go and not care, I want to feel happy but somehow I can’t. I just can’t.

You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”? I always think others have it all or they at least are better off than me in so many aspects. I know I should learn to be grateful for what I have and be happy but I just can’t stop comparing myself to others. Maybe I’ll never stop, maybe I’ll never be happy. Who knows?

Despite being surrounded by wonderful friends and the best family anyone could ask for, I still feel lonely at times. I feel it’s just nice to have someone who genuinely cares for you and only you. Literally almost everyone I know has someone. Be it best friends, partners or a really close-knitted family. Well in my case, my best friend and I can go several months without any form of communication. I feel like he just acts like he cares but he really couldn’t be bothered by me since he has a girlfriend and a new life elsewhere. My family’s close but you know sometimes there’s conflict and a small gap that can never be closed.

I think it’s my fault really, I’m too afraid to commit to anything because I feel everything is just temporary. I’m not comfortable opening up to others because I don’t want to be judged by them. I’m already imperfect, so I don’t want to add more of it towards myself. I have tried changing for the better but I guess fear got the better of me.  I also like being alone and not depending on others because I just do. I don’t mind people depending on me but but I don’t feel secure when I depend on others. I don’t know why.

Thank you for entertaining my rants though I don’t think anyone would really read this.

This afternoon, I was at a lovely cafe. Bought myself a cup of macadamia infused latte and had a slice of Nutella cake. Life, to me it was perfect for that short moment. Then *poof*, back to reality.


Hope you guys have a lovely week ahead!

As I get older, I’m more and more comfortable being alone – Sienna Miller -

#28 – Pensées.


This semester has probably got to be the most hectic and nerve-wrecking semester I have ever endured.

So many assignments, tests and quizzes.

I just wanna curl up in bed and sleep all day.

I have finals in less than a week.

Literally four and a half weeks till I leave home.

I’m feeling really overwhelmed.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another – William James -

#27 – Lumières.

hello, how are you guys? Hope you’re in the best of health.


This is probably the ultimate foodporn. Such beauty emits from this photo. Love love love fries and nuggets ❤️

I was always a junk food person, still am – Dolly Parton -

#26 – Reconnaisant.

I am grateful for everything,
For every opportunity I was given,
For every person that has loved me,
And that I have loved back.

I am grateful for everything,
For all that has happened,
For being able to live another day,
As I open my eyes every morning.

I am grateful for everything,
For all things I got to see,
For everything that has happened,
Both the good and bad.

I am grateful.


In the midst of my last semester. As time flies, I am feeling anxious to start the next chapter in life. I don’t know why, I just am.

Anyways, have a lovely week ahead. Adièu.

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives – John F. Kennedy -